2023 Closeout - Another Great Year

As 2023 has closed, it's worth reflecting on how the year turned out on the technical and business fronts. Technically, workload was a little lighter in 2023 as I scheduled a little more personal time.  The technical work, though, continued to be challenging and rewarding.  Support for NAVAIR remained the biggest activity, by far.  We got several important technical products completed and out the door during 2023. Business-wise, a main highlight was helping develop a presumably successful proposal for a new support contract - maybe providing a contracting vehicle for the next 5 years.  Pleasantly, in 2023, there was a general recovery from the COVID-related restrictions on business travel. Even in early 2022, as I was beginning to travel (a lot) again, we still had to wear masks on planes and in airports. As I recall that ended in about May or so of 2022, after I had spent a lot of time traveling by air the first few months of the year. In 2023, business travel seemed to be back in

Contact Information

 If you need to contact me, you may use the following email addresses: Phone is 1-678-358-3615 Dennis J. Folds, Ph.D.

2022 is in Full Swing

 LSE had a great 2021, as witnessed by the big check I sent to the IRS last week.  In addition to the P-8 work, which is the mainstay, there was some interesting work for the Naval Postgraduate School and some new expert witness work. I also had an undergraduate intern for a few weeks, learning about applied psychology and research.   The professional education and organizational development workshops came to a screeching halt during the COVID shutdown, but it looks like those things will be picking up.  I'll update the roster of offerings. I'm really glad the ill-advised public health policy decisions of the past two years are receding. It's nice to be back on the road again!

Half Way Through 2021!

 Just a few weeks after the previous post about the T&E course as Pax River, the COVID-19 shutdown impacted operations.  Previously, I was accustomed to frequent travel - not necessarily every week, but probably averaging three trips a month.  This had gone on for many years.  Working in this field requires interaction with users, and other meetings best conducted in person.  But we all rapidly shifted to on-line meetings, more phone calls, and various innovative ways to keep the work going from home. The working from home part was relatively straightforward, as I had been mostly working from home (when not on travel) for several years.  But starting in mid-March 2020, it was all working from home!  Across my different projects:  one used WebEx, one Zoom, and one Teams.  So I got to experience the best and worst of all three systems.   I did not travel by air from the second week of March, 2020, until the very end of October, 2020. Counting that trip, I've only traveled by air

W205 HSI T&E Course at PAX River - February 19-20, 2020

LSE presented a workshop on "Questionnaire Writing", a tailored version of the more general workshop on T&E for Workload, Situation Awareness, and Usability.  The workshop was one and a half days, Wednesday - Thursday morning.  We had 20 (+1) in attendance and expect to have more follow-up activities with this branch at PAX.

2019 Coming to an End

2019 was another great year for LSE.  LSE is a subcontractor to RED, Inc for NAVAIR, and to STC for ONR.  The MAC-E OMI work continued full pace, expanding to include mission planning software as well as the operational software.  The Accelerated Command and Control (AC2) project completed its first phase.  LSE activities also supported development and capture of an award for Problem Solutions, Inc (a SBIR project called Rapid Mobile Authoring Toolkit, or RMAT), and an award for STC (Rules of Engagement, Commander's Intent, and Transfer of Authority Language, or RECITAL). New opportunities emerged with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI&SU) related to advanced audio technology, and several new opportunities with Problem Solutions.  I was named Fellow by IARIA in 2019. During 2019 I also continued to publish at national and international conferences.   In July, I attended the Human Social Analytics (HUSO) conference and presented a paper: Folds, D.J