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Half Way Through 2021!

 Just a few weeks after the previous post about the T&E course as Pax River, the COVID-19 shutdown impacted operations.  Previously, I was accustomed to frequent travel - not necessarily every week, but probably averaging three trips a month.  This had gone on for many years.  Working in this field requires interaction with users, and other meetings best conducted in person.  But we all rapidly shifted to on-line meetings, more phone calls, and various innovative ways to keep the work going from home. The working from home part was relatively straightforward, as I had been mostly working from home (when not on travel) for several years.  But starting in mid-March 2020, it was all working from home!  Across my different projects:  one used WebEx, one Zoom, and one Teams.  So I got to experience the best and worst of all three systems.   I did not travel by air from the second week of March, 2020, until the very end of October, 2020. Counting that trip, I've only traveled by air