About Dennis Folds

35 years at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), 1982-2017
Built the GTRI human systems engineering program from 1987 – 2000
Head, Human Systems Engineering Branch 2000 – 2006
Chief, Human Systems Integration Division 2006-2010
GTRI Chief Scientist 2008-2013
Associate Director, Health and Human Systems 2013-2014
Director, Strategic Programs, 2014-2015
Head, Human Systems Engineering, 2015-2017
Other responsibilities at Georgia Tech
Chair, Institutional Review Board (IRB) 2008-2017
Chair, Joint GSU/GT Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI) IRB – 2009-2017
Chair, Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and member, Institute Council for Environmental Health and Safety, 2006-2017
Instructor, Human Systems Integration, in the Professional Masters in Applied Systems Engineering (PMASE) program, 2013-2016
Instructor, Research Methods (3-quarter graduate course sequence in Psychology), 1984-1990
Jacksonville State University 1981-1983
Research Technician
US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) 1980-1981, Psych Technician
Dr. Folds received his Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1987. 


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