LSE Courses and Workshops

LSE offers a variety of 3-day short courses and 2-day workshops.  If desired there are also 1-day seminars and half-day seminars related to each of these topics.

3-Day Courses
LSE 1000 – Introduction to Human Systems Integration
LSE 1001 – HSI Analyses
LSE 1002 – User-Centered Design
LSE 1003 – Human Factors T&E (also available in a 4-day format)
LSE 2100 – Systems Thinking

2-Day Workshops
W100 – HSI Program Planning for Organizations
W101 – HSI Program Planning for Acquisition
W201 – HSI Analysis Workshop with MTAT
W202 – Applied Systems Thinking
W203 – Human Factors Checklist Evaluations
W204 – HSI T&E for User-in-the-Loop Evaluations
W205 – HSI T&E for Usability, Workload, and Situation Awareness
W301 – Logic Modeling for Program Evaluation

W401 – Strategic Initiatives Selection and Management
W402 – Team-Based Competency Model and Organizational Development

Note: The 400 level workshops are best done with approximately 1 week between the two sessions. Each of these can be performed as an educational workshop, which is instruction only, or as a full-service consulting activity. 


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